Find in helping others  is a virtue!

Public Service Activities

Decen is situation of environmental protection, public-spirited, give back to societ. Since it was established, we join social work group, to help people in need of help. We send PV to the countryside; send PV generation system to poor areas; to install PV pumping engineering in arid areas, solve the problem of water and electricity difficulties to mountain farmers. Through the pictures, we hope to start the discussion, and willing there will be more human compassion to society.




On April 6th, we install solar pumping equipment to help Shunping Yang water diversion irrigation farmland in Jin yunnan huize Jinzhong wheat village, Huize county, Yunnan province. Once-in-a-century drought wreak havoc in southwest China, all countries lend a hand to help the disaster areas drought resistance, some environmental groups supply the solar pumping equipment to victims for free. Through small renewable energy equipment to improve the livelihoods in the quake-hit areas, help the masses in arid disaster. Qinqing takes the photograph



We install distributed PV power plant to help Jianchun Wang in Luohong village, Linhuo town, Feidong County. Jianchun Wang has cancer who lose labor ability said the pilot project of installing home distributed photovoltaic power station, not only no longer fear the power of their own electricity, but also can also bring income if there have surplus electricity. We hope to work together with the government, through the "PV to the countryside anti-poverty project” make full use of the rural poor roof resources to build distributed PV power station, explore the new way to help the rural poor out of poverty.


The story of Photovoltaic engineering light the mountain village.

Neixiang small mountain village, distract in the deep mountains, the power line can't reach, goods and materials can't vehicle to. Constructors rent mules to transport goods and materials. Some of the steep mountain road, mules also can’t reach, our operators carry the goods and materials in forced is to the construction site.



In addition to related to new energy industry, we also often organization staff to the orphanage to visit the old man, orphans, disabled people, we together with them of chatting, dancing and singing. We listen them to tell their stories, and help them to solve some of the things that we can do.